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 The Undigables featuring Ollie Boy Lester

The brainchild of Ollie Boy Lester and Roy Holland, this musical collaboration happened through a combination of divine intervention and talent. Brought together by chance about 30 years ago through a mutual friend, it would be another 25 years later that they teamed up to create The Undigables. A couple of New Yorkers that are connected to a NY past that we will never see again, The Undigables are about keeping the spirit of New York's glory years alive.

As Ollie Boy Lester says, "Our music is to make people happy." The Undigables vibe can be summed up by a quote from Frank Sinatra, "You gotta love livin' baby, cause dying's a pain in the ass."



Ollie Lester

Ollie Lester had been writing songs all his life. Ollie's musical inspirations were derived from the timeless writers of the American songbook such as Johnny Mercer, Cole Porter and Harold Arlen along with the creators of the legendary R&B music from the 1950's-1970's. This was the music that drove Ollie to become a writer and ultimately a singer. His influences range from Frank Sinatra to Johnny Pacheco, King Pleasure, Jackie Wilson and all the great jazz and R&B singers of the era. Growing up in Brooklyn he sang doo-wop on the street corners, danced the mambo at the Village Gate and dug jazz at Slugs. All of these experiences are what ultimately led Ollie Boy Lester to show business.

At first Ollie was drawn to acting. Seeing all the classic films starring actors like James Cagney, Gary Cooper, the Marx Brothers Ollie spent countless hours on 42nd street skipping school to catch the double bill. As a teenager he went on to study at HB Studios on Broadway in New York City with the renowned acting coach, Salem Ludwig. Over the years Ollie appeared on the off Broadway stages of New York in various productions and also performed with different road companies across the US. Starring in a play called "The Dancer and the Comedian", the production toured Europe to rave reviews. The NY Times reviewed the Swiss Institute performance in NY saying "Ollie Lester is an original." The tour ended his run at the famous P.S. 1 in New York City.

Ollie Boy Lester has been walking the mean streets of the naked city for a long time now. Take a walk with Ollie Boy and The Undigables. 



Check out "It's Vinny Vella Time!" The theme song for the Vinny Vella TV show. Written and produced by Roy Holland, featuring Michael Dell, Bob Franceschini, Nat Seeley, Jorgen Kjaerand Stew Cutler.